At the end of this workshop participants will:

  • Understand the advantages of using multimedia in education
  • Some information about color blindness
  • Understand copyright issues
  • Understanding the elements of PBL - Project Based Learning
    • How to apply this to the classroom
    • Creating a Rubric for Assessment of Project Based Learning
  • Use basic features of PowerPoint to create a multimedia presentation
    • Planning a PowerPoint Presentation
      • Design Elements
      • Text
      • Color
    • Creating Slides
      • Blank Slides
      • Slide Templates
    • Working With Text
      • Adding Text
      • Adding Word Art
    • Adding Graphics
      • From the Gallery
      • From a File
    • Adding Backgrounds
    • Adding Sounds
      • From the Gallery
      • From a File
    • Adding Animations
      • To Text
      • To Graphics
        • With Sounds
        • With Timers
    • Adding Transitions
      • With Sounds
      • With Timers
    • Adding Music
      • From the Gallery
      • From a CD
    • Saving a Presentation
      • As a Presentation
      • As a Web Page


Final Project - Due Thursday, June 30, 2005 at 2:30

A PowerPoint presentation that you can use in your class. I'd suggest a "Welcome Back" presentation that includes your class rules and expectations. The presentation should include the following:

  1. Title Slide - Use Word Art
  2. Menu Slide with at least 3 Options (Rules -Expectations - Credits)
  3. The Credit Page/About the Author page should talk about you and give a URL link back to your school or something of special interest to you.
  4. Enough slides to explain your rules and expectations.
  5. Transitions from Slide to Slide
  6. Some Graphics and Text with Animations with Timers(Use this conservatively)
  7. Some Sounds (Use this conservatively)
  8. Keep the file size small so that you can E-Mail it to yourself.
  9. Buttons Connecting your project
    • Connect from the Title page to the Menu page.
    • Connect from the Menu page to each of your 3 sections.
    • Connect from each slide back to the Menu Page.
  10. You may wish to create Lecture Notes