Getting to Know Your Digital Video Camera

  • Features and Functions
    • The Manual
    • Camera Parts
      • Battery
      • Battery Compartment
      • LCD Screen
      • Power Plug
      • Microphone Plug In
      • AV In/Out
      • Firewire /DV In/Out
      • S-Video
      • Headphone Plug In
      • Lens Cap
      • Cassette Compartment
      • Accessory Shoe (over lens)
      • Speaker
      • Microphone
      • Power Switch
      • Power Indicator
      • Volume Control
    • VCR Controls
      • Play
      • Fast Forward
      • Rewind
      • Stop
      • Pause
    • Camera Controls
      • Viewfinder
      • Viewfinder Focusing Lever (near viewfinder)
      • Zoom Controller
      • Start and Stop Buttons
      • Accessory Shoe (over lens)
      • Tripod Mount
      • Video Shots
      • Menu Controls
  • Framing – Cut Square
  • Use a Tripod
  • Use an amplification system or handheld microphone
  • Guidelines for Shooting Quality Video

Classroom Applications

Explore the iMovie Desktop

Parts of the Desktop

1. Monitor

2. Clips Pane

3. Storyboard or Timeline

4. Toggle for Storyboard and Timeline

5. Toggle for Video and Photo Clips

6. Reverse, Play, Full Screen

7. Volume Slide

8. Control Pane

9. Zoom Slider

10. Speed Slider

11. Volume Editing

12. Trash

13. Free Space

14. Lane Selectors



  • Tutorial Sites for iMovie
  • Work Through the iMovie Tutorial
  • iMovie Skills
    • Starting iMovie
      • Click on the Clapboard icon in the Dock
      • File-> New Project
    • Importing Still Pictures
      • From a CD or Floppy or File
        • File -> Import (find your pictures)
      • From iPhoto
        • Click on the Photo icon
      • To import pictures from iPhoto

        1. Select the PHOTOS icon

        2. Select the Photo Library that has the pictures you wish to include.

        3. Click on the pictures you wish to include.


        Now, you need to decide if you want to use the Ken Burns Effect.

        The Ken Burns Effect adds motion to a still picture. If you wish to use use the Ken Burns Effect:


        1. Check the Ken Burns Effect Box

        2. Move the top slider to adjust the amount of the zoom.

        3. Adjust the bottom slider to adjust the speed of the zoom.

        4. Click the Apply button.


      • Length of Picture
        • To adjust the length of a picture
        • 1. Place the Picture on the Storyboard and click on the picture

          2. The Clip Info message appears.

          3. Give the clip a name if you wish

          4. Enter a time for the length of the picture.

          . MM:SS:ms

          00:05:00 - 5 seconds

    • Creating Titles
    • 1. Click on the Titles button on the control pane.

      2. Select the type of title.

      3. Enter your Title text into the text fields.

      4. Select your font, size, and color.

      5. Do not checkQT margins

      6. If you want the title over a black screen, check the OVER BLACK square.

      If you want the title to be placed over a picture DO NOT CHECK OVER BLACK.

      7. Adjust the speed, pause sliders and directional arrows.

      8.Place the Time Bar where you want the title.

      9. Drag the title icon onto the Storyboard or Timeline.

      If you need to change a title,

      1. Select the clip in the timeline or storyboard,

      2. Type the new information in the titles pane

      3. Click the UPDATE Button



    • Saving your Project
      • File -> Save Project

Homework due Day 2

  • Plan your project idea
  • Film 20 minutes of video.
  • Bring a Music CD
  • Bring Headphones if you’ve got them.