Interesting Resources

From VHS to DVD: The June, 2004 issue of Macworld explains six simple steps for changing VHS to DVD using iMovie and iDVD.

Center of Attention: Macworld, March, 2004 This issue of Macworld features an article addressing iPod Mini, and using iLife'04.

Unlock iLife: MacAddict, May, 2004 More tips for using iLife - iMovie, iPhoto, iDVD, iTunes and Garage Band

All About Cool: MacAddict, March, 2004 More tips for using the iLife package.

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Project Completion
  • Use this time to complete your project
  • I am available to offer assistance
  • Make sure you Export your movie to a Quicktime movie.
  • Continue writing your grant.

Show Time
  • Create a 2-3 minute iMovie
    • Classroom Application -These are only suggestions
      • Welcome to My Classroom
      • Demonstration of a Concept
      • A Tour of My School
      • Meet The Specialists
    • Title Screen
    • Credits
    • Transitions
    • Motion Video
    • Still Shots Mixed In (if you wish)
  • Share Grants

Course Evaluation
  • Complete the course evaluation online