Land Habitats (Harcourt Science- Grace 2- Pgs. B9-B13)
  1. Children worked in four groups.
  2. Each group read about a different land habitat.
  3. Each group found facts about their land habitat to be added to the graphic organizer.

Picture View

Writing View
  1. Land Habitats
    Science pgs. B9-13

    1. Woodland Forest Habitats
      1. enough rain and warmth for trees to grow
      2. animals use trees and plants for food and shelter
    2. Arctic Habitats
      1. cold and windy
      2. covered with ice and snow most of the year
      3. few animal and plants live here due to the cold
    3. Desert Habitats
      1. gets little rain
      2. few kinds of plants and animals live there
        1. these plants and animals do not need much water
    4. Rainforest Habitats
      1. rain falls almost every day
      2. warm weather almost all year round.
      3. many animals and plants live there
        1. plants are used as food and shelter for the animals

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